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Cynthia Gonzalez, Senior Loan Officer
Tri-Star Capital & Trust Corporation
"Residential Correspondent Mortgage Lender"
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Specializing in

Investor Rehab Loans
The best rates available in Florida

100% + of your Purchase Price
Score of 580 up to 70% LTV of
ARV(After  Repair Value)

Our funding source is a leading national lender helping real estate investors, to acquire and rehab properties for investment purposes.

Our specialty is allowing you, the real estate investor to leverage your liquid capital to purchase more homes without any cash flow problems!

With the right "Loan to Value" our funding source can provide 100% financing of your purchase price, repair funds and if there is room left over, we can even roll all your closing costs into the loan. This would allow you as the real estate investor to purchase an
investment property with little to no money out of pocket!

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